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About us

Established in 2014 Modu Studio practices different types of projects including residential, public, office buildings and retail centers as well as urban planning.


We aim to rethink conventional architecture and to achieve novel and innovative solutions while seeking junctions where technology meets tradition and can be recruited and implemented in the planning process. 


We are dedicated to finding the most appropriate solutions in order to create, enhance and sustain built environment. Whether dealing with small design tasks, large scale buildings or urban planning projects, Modu always seeks to push the boundaries and achieve quality and perfection.


Our vision is to simplify solutions and to rethink conventional ideas in order to achieve a functional design, suitable for any economical context and reachable for all.


Our studio is in a constant evolvement, focusing on digital architecture in attempt to implement new tools and techniques in the process of design and manufacturing since we believe in their  potential to acquire better architectural solutions. The ‘building information modeling’ (BIM) computer programs, can yield high efficiency and shorter design process.


We welcome you to join us in this fascinating journey.

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